Monday, October 1, 2012

1 October 2010

Speaking: step by step Section A.
Workbook, page 79, Section 1
Section 6: describe a process
Section 7: Word power

Camera operator: someone who runs a camera during filming of a movie
Computer programmer: someone who writes software (e.g. windows) programs)
Film editor: takes all the shots from filming a movie and puts them together into a feature movie
Foreign correspondent: someone who goes to another country and reports on events there
gossip columnist: someone who writes news about famous people
graphic designer: designs art work, page layout in a news paper, the art of a web page
movie producer: controls the money of a movie and how it is made
network installer: puts together computer hardware (a computer) and software (windows) to create a computer network
photo editor: someone who chooses photos for a magazine or newspaper
stunt person: is someone who fills in for an actor to do physically dangerous actions in a film
support technician: someone who helps with software questions and problems
web-page designer: someone who designs a web site 

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