Sunday, September 30, 2012

30 Sept 2012

Homework: Did you do it?
Section 1
Section 2 a: listening
Section 3: Grammar
  Do section 3a
Workbook: Page 79, Section 1.
Section 5A: in pairs

Passive to describe process

Reasons for using passive voice:
A) We don't know who does the action
B) It isn't important who does the action.

Basic passive: form of be  + past participle
A scene isn't filmed just once.
The best shots are used.
The research was completed by the team.

Passive with modal: modal + be + past participle
One scene may be shot from five or six different angles.
Lots of different shots have to be taken.
A lot of cows can be raised on a productive farm.

narrative: a description of events that tell a story
drive-in: a place where you can sit in your car and watch a movie on a big screen
epic: a book or a movie that tells a long story
IMAX film: a VERY VERY large screen movie shot with special cameras
animated: use of drawings rather than actors
feature film: a full length movie
gross: bring a total income 
shoot: to make a film
shot: a photo
angles: different views of the same thing
studio: a place where movies are filmed, pictures are taken
script: the words that the actors read and then perform
locations: places where the movie is filmed
costumes: clothing worn by the actors
sets: things that are built for a performance
rehearse: to practice
perform: to present a play
print: to make the pages for a book, newspaper, play, magazine, etc..
distribute: to send a product to different places to see (for example: to an outlet)

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